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Beverlyjones Beverlyjones 16 August 2020

After Of Mice and Men

Note: This is a scene I did at high school that takes place right after George kills Lennie.

Candy: Carlson, you don’t understand friendship and you never will!

(Carlson walks off)

Candy: He shot my dog!

Curley: Yeah, and I’ve lost my wife.

Candy: My dream has been stolen because of your God damn wife.

Curley: I did all I could, cared and caressed her.

Candy: You weren’t good enough, that’s why you’ve lost her.

Curley: Yeah, but George should’ve done better with that son of a bitch.

Candy: George was decent and good. Me an’ him we’re gonna have that dream, but now your wife has ruined everything!

Curley: Like I say, that George should've tamed that idiot Lennie. My wife didn’t do anything!

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