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Chapter 3
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Chapter number 3
Preceded by Chapter 2
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Chapter 4

Chapter Three Summary

In chapter three, George tells Slim what happened in Weed between Lennie and a lady when he was feeling her skirt. The stable hand (Crook) comes in and Slim leaves with him. Then, some of the ranch workers go out and shoot Candy’s dog to put it out of its misery. While they are out doing that, George and Lennie talk to Candy about the farm they are planning on buying after they save up enough money. Candy offers his life savings if they let him join them when they leave. All of the ranch workers come back in and so does Curley. When he comes in, he goes after Lennie and at first, Lennie does nothing. George tells Lennie to get him and Lennie ends up crushing his hand. Lennie becomes worried that he won’t be able to tend to the rabbits when they get them but George tells him he still can.