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Chapter 5
Chapter number 5
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Chapter 6

Chapter Five Summary

In chapter five, we see Lennie make some mistakes. When Lennie was sitting in the barn playing with his puppy, it bit him and Lennie smacked him a little bit too hard and it killed it. Lennie sat there asking the puppy why it died and wondered what George was going to think. He started hiding it in the hay and was planning on telling George that he found it like that but knew it wouldn’t work. He then grabbed the dog and threw it across the barn but then went and retrieved it. When he was sitting and petting it, Curley’s wife came in and tried to get him to talk to her. When she convinced him, she told him the he had nothing to worry about because all the men were out playing in a tournament of horse.

She started talking to him about wanting to be a movie star and how she gets treated by the men on the ranch. She talked about how she married Curley and she dislikes him and then asked him why he likes small animals so much. He then explains to her that he likes touching soft things. She told him he could feel her hair because it was soft and when he did, she freaked out because she didn’t want him to mess it up. Lennie grabs onto her hair and she starts yelling so he covers her mouth and starts to shake her. He eventually kills her from shaking her so violently. Lennie got scared and tried to bury her in the hay. He then left and headed for the brush that George told him to go to.

Candy comes into the barn looking for Lennie and finds her body. He calls George in and shows him what happened. George told him to let him get to the bunk house before he tells anyone else so that they don’t think he had anything to do with it. When everyone finds out, they form a search party to find Lennie. They couldn’t find Carlson’s gun so they assume that Lennie took it. They grab Crooks’ shotgun and head out.