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Chapter 6
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Chapter number 6
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Chapter Six Summary

In chapter six, we come to the conclusion. Lennie comes running down the path that him and George used to get to the ranch but going in the opposite direction. He starts drinking water and becomes proud of himself for remembering where George said to go. His Aunt Clara came (Mentally) and started chewing him out for causing problems for George, never appreciating what George does for him, and getting in so much trouble. But when she speaks, it’s Lennie’s voice that comes out of her mouth. Then, a gigantic rabbit comes (Mentally) and tells him that George is going to beat him and then leave him there. The things is though, his imagination conjured up these images.

George finds Lennie next to the river bed and Lennie asks him if he is going to leave him. George says no and Lennie is shocked that George is so calm despite everything that just happened. Lennie asks George to talk about the farm they are going to get and so George does. After a few minutes, George tells Lennie to look at the river and George stands behind him with the gun pointed at the back of his head. When George finishes talking about it, he shoots Lennie. The men find him from the gun shot and George tells them that he wrestled the gun away from him and shot him, but Slim takes George away, because he knows what really happened.