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Curley's wife is usually referred to as a tramp, tart, or a looloo by the men on the ranch. In the story, her name isn’t mentioned, instead called "Curley’s wife". In this story, she portrays a female’s sexuality in a world where there are only men. Curley’s wife had a dream, and like the other characters in the story, it didn’t come true. She is shown to be more of a victim rather than a villain. Since Curley doesn't let her out of the house, she gets lonely, and she tends to hang around the men but doing that gets her into trouble. None of the men have any patience or respect for her because they know talking to her would cause a conflict with Curley. However, she confides in Lennie about her failed dream, who later accidentally kills her.


Curley's wife is a beautiful young woman with long black hair and full red lips. She often wears a simple dress and red shoes with little ostrich feathers on them.


  • In the book and the 1992 film adaptation, her name is never revealed. But in the 1939 film adaptation, her name is Mae.
  • Her namelessness is symbolic of her powerlessness (in the relationship with Curley)