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The resolution is the ending of the book. It is when the protagonist(s) finally face their conflict, whether that is overcoming it or falling to it. The resolution is the after the falling action, and sums up the book by wrapping it up. However, sometimes the author may choose to leave the resolution open-ending, and not to sum it up.

One Major Resolution in Of Mice and Men

The resolution in the book Of Mice and Men is when George makes the decision to kill his best friend, Lennie. He didn't want Curley or the other men to kill Lennie because Lennie killed Curley's Wife. Also, George didn't want Curley and the other men kill Lennie because George thinks he should kill his best friend and not some "stranger," just like Candy told George that he wanted to kill his dog, and not some "stranger." He also knows that if Curley gets a hold of him, he will want to make him suffer, or even torture him. The way George kills Lennie was by shooting him in the back of the head. George wanted to kill him fast so he didn't have to suffer. Lastly George felt sad and angry for killing Lennie but he said it was the right thing to do and he said sorry to his Aunt Clara for doing what he did but it had to be done.