Theme means a message of a story. 

Examples Of Themes Of Mice and Men

One example of a theme Of Mice and Men is two men who are George and Lennie that have a very strong friendship throught out the book, even know Ceorge gets frustrated with Lennie he stills pull through it and keep his cool. A second example of theme from this book is when George and Lennie dream of living/having a ranch full of animals (rabbits.) Another example of theme from this book is Curley's Wife, in the story Curley's Wife talked about how she regrets marrying Curley and how she feels she married to fast. Last Curley's Wife feels like she lonely and depressed  and wonders what her life would be like if she didn't marry Curley. 

Example Words That Can Tell A Theme In A Book

1. Death-death is a mystery, death is a new beginning

2. Journey-most journeys lead back to home

3.  Survival-man/women against nature

4. Coming of age-boy becomes a man, girl becomes a women