Of Mice and Men Wiki

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• Pantomime- a dramatic entertainment using gestures to express meaning along with music

• Cesspool- underground storage unit for liquids or sewage 

• Novella- short story or novel

• Luger- 9 mm caliber automatic pistol

• Aloof- not friendly 

• Crestfallen- blameworthy

• Heron- long legged, long necked, and usually long billed birds

• Morosely- hopelessly ill-humored

• Contemplated- to look at with continuous attention

• Douse- to plunge into water

• Appraise- to estimate the value of something

• Dabble- to play and splash water with hands

• Bemused- confused

• Snivel- to cry

• Stilted- stiffly dignified or formal 

• Derogatory- to show a disrespectful attitude

• Pugnacious- to show a disrespectful attitude

• Disengage- to release from attachment or connection

• Recumbent- lying down

• Writhe- to squirm

• Reprehensible- deserving criticism 

• Maul- a heavy hammer

• Mottled- spotted in color

• Mollify- to soften in temper

• Scoff- to mock at

• Subside- to be quieter, less active, or less violent

• Meager- having little flesh (lean, thin)

• Slough- an area with a soft muddy ground

• Jeer- to laugh at with contempt or derision